Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Circus Cafe and Restaurant, Bath

Sigh. The memory of a wonderful weekend away. A trip to Bath had been planned for a while. Our reservation for the Friday night was made three weeks in advance as my mother had passed this place everyday on her way to work and wanted to try it. We were seated at the last table on the right (looking at the photograph), the one at the back with the divider behind it. It was a lovely spot with a view of the whole room, in which all the tables were occupied at 9pm. Downstairs was much bigger and also pretty full, with perhaps a slightly buzzier atmosphere.

However, we were happy where we were. I would have happily chosen a starter, in fact would have been spoilt for choice but nothing jumped out at my three fellow diners and so we decided to leave room for pudding and go straight to main courses.

We selected food and a bottle of prosecco. Bread was offered from a basket and wine poured, tap water ordered and served without fuss. The bread was lovely - soft white centre with a floury, rosemary tasting crust. The prosecco was light and fruity (pear flavours bursting through). My main course was beautiful - swordfish steak with cracked black pepper - the fish was tender and perfectly complimented by the sides we had ordered - baby carrots, which came with the bright green stalks still on, fresh green salad, skinny fries and new potatoes. My parents both went for lamb, which was tender and pink and flavoursome and my boyfriend went for turbot, so delicate that it fell apart when the fork hit the food. Just fabulous mains.

There was still room though. Still room for a double chocolate cheesecake which was indeed very chocolatey - by the end it had become a bit cloying, simply as it was so rich but a raspberry sauce offset that slightly. I actually forget what everyone else had (one perhaps a creme brulee), but I know they were good. Everyone raved. The atmosphere was relaxing and the service attentive. They even heard us discussing taxis and offered to order one for us, which was there within minutes. The toilets were spotless too. All in all a really great experience at Circus.

Two courses and a glass of prosecco: £25 per head

Value: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Food: 8/10

SCORE: 31/40

Circus Cafe and Restaurant, 34 Brock Street, Bath, BA1 2LN. Tel: 01225 466020.

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